03 January 2012

So here is this new year thingy….

After hearing people complain how bad the year has been the last weeks of 2011, especially financially, it was kind of “funny” to see so many people burn for more than 120 euro’s of fireworks. When I say funny by the way, I mean the sarcastic, cynical kind of funny, not the “oh-my-god-that’s funny” sort of funny. 120 euro’s was the average amount spent on fireworks this year, since I only bought a 7,50 package for my son, there’s a guy out there that spent at least 110 euro’s more. Off course that is without taking into account a massive amount of illegal fireworks some of which have reached the explosive power equal to that of a hand grenade. And then there’s the “home brewers” creating bombs Al Qaeda would pay good money for, all by youtube (or other video sites) instruction. Anyway, the recession must not be half as bad as the media wants me to believe when people are still able to burn money.

But… I was not planning on starting this year with such cynical note, so I want to give you this little piece of good news… I don’t think the world will end this year. Though through common sense and 5 minutes of reading up on things, you probably came to the same conclusion.

Personally I can safely say 2011 has been a shitty and thoroughly stressful year at best. However let’s not dwell on that because even though there have been some serious downs, there have also been a lot of ups. I leave 2011 behind me with mixed feelings knowing that however I will remember it in time it certainly has not been boring.

To all of you…

A blessed new year… may the best of the past be the worst of the future… and screw the Mayan calendar!!!