18 October 2011

I can't wait, serious character flaw....

I have a strange character flaw that I know can sometimes annoy the crap out of the people around me. I can’t wait. Now don’t get me wrong in many ways I am very patient. Without problem I can wait for hours for someone when I have an appointment or when I am for instance waiting till my wife is finished at work when I pick her up. But it’s the waiting for something to arrive, like a package for instance that gets to me. I have actually been known to wait outside and watch for the delivery truck three days in a row.

my preciousssss
Even worse is waiting for something that doesn’t exist yet. For instance a movie to come out, or as is most often the case a computer game. Right now I am waiting for The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. For a very long time the release date of 11-11-11 has been known. Ever since the date was released I have been waiting for that date to arrive and now the date is coming closer I have to watch myself so I don’t start growling impatiently. I understand this is a very serious condition, so I believe it to be in the best interest of my health and the general well being of earths population that we either supply me with every product ahead of release date or simply stop advertizing products that aren’t available yet.