31 August 2011

Halloween at Auryn, telling your fortune and doing your make-up

9th of October, your friendly neighborhood tarot reader will be attending the Auryn/ Enchantra Halloween party. The Auryn showroom is the place to be when it comes down to acquiring all of your makeup and cosmetic needs and every once in a while they organize an event where you can shop, chat and be made over while usually being fed and entertained.

It is at one such event I will be doing readings in October. There will also be other cool makeup related stuff going on, like a live onsite dare, most of which will be especially interesting for those of you with the double X-chromosome and less so for the "masculinely handicaped". So if you have the chance and want to restock on makeup and get a tarot reading by moi, make it a daytrip and go to Zeeland to the Auryn Halloween party. If you buy for over a hundred euro’s I’ll even make your future 15% better (yes that is a joke). 

For more information, check the facebook event

29 August 2011

Games, not for kids…

Okay, if you have a kid of thirteen years or younger… and he or she…probably he, is playing HALO (any part) or Call of Duty Black Ops online, make him stop! Seriously. I am a die hard gamer, I have been for most of my life, online gaming didn’t exist when I was thirteen, hell gaming barely existed back then, and the one thing I can’t stand is the high pitched squealing and supposedly funny remarks and stunts pulled by those-who-need-not-shave. Off course every player you meet online with these shooters must be at least 16 since that is the pegi rating, but I understand that there are some exceptions here and there.

The crazy things kids say (online while playing Halo Reach multiplayer, through their headsets, making my ears bleed)

-          No mum, I already finished all my homework!
-          Oh Shit I pissed all over myself, again.
-          Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
-          La la la you can’t hit me…. Fuck I’m dead!
-          Shut up Blitz… shut up you stupid dog!... oh fuck he bit me, crap it’s bleeding like hell.
-          Has anybody ever you know… done it, or seen a vagina, or a boob?

Off course I can’t be expected to perform like the SPARTAN warrior I am online with distractions like this, hence the somewhat disappointing scores every 1 in 3 games.

There’s only one thing worse than kids forcing you to use the mute button… and that’s tea-bagging otherwise known as corpse humping or homo-erotic self gratification through nutsack-on-face-scrubbing. Totally unsympathetic it has actually made me quit a game because of the sheer annoyance factor, having been killed by someone who is probably half your age is humiliating enough, you don’t need to rub it in my face… no pun intended.

 I know it's asking a lot, but can we at least forbid kids to use headsets and promote the "teabagging is gay" statement, since most seem to be extremely homophobic anyway?

26 August 2011

Religious role play or War Forum…. Would you join?

Okay, it is no secret I am in many ways interested in religion. The way it influences the world, how it has written major parts of human history but also it’s effect on the human psyche. Also I am a spiritual person myself and always try to find out how my specific believes measure up to those of others.

For a long time I have had the idea to create something of a forum for religious discussion, bound to some rules to keep things civilized but also to prevent it from leaning too much to a specific faith. Ideally every faith would be approximately equally represented and everyone would benefit from insights from those other perspectives. We would learn many religions have a strong common base and world peace would follow…. or something.

Having hosted four forums with a member count of 40 being the largest crowd on the best running forum and a total of 3 posts besides my own on my worst running forum, I have little hope for my plans coming to fruition. Yes you ruined world peace by not supporting me!

So I wonder, would you join a forum based on religious discussion based on these statements/ rules:

-          No affiliation with one specific religion
-          Moderation to achieve an equal (or close to) amount of topics favoring one religion
-          Free speech but strict moderation on communication (bashing, flaming, trolling)
-          An emphasis on learning
-          Subjects could be, but are not limited to: holy texts (bible, Koran, Torah etc.), spiritual practices (ceremonies, prayer, meditation, spellwork), misinterpretation or misrepresentation of religious practices in media.

Let me know and who knows, maybe we could give it a try.

25 August 2011

Diabetically speaking

So I’ve had a few weeks off… and feeling blogging is a bit like work, I have blogged as much as I have worked during this period, which means I haven’t. Sorry if you have been waiting all that time (yeah that’s bloody likely).

But now I’m back and I plan to pick up the pace again, as soon as I am back in my “normal” rhythm. Right now I am still physically and emotionally adjusting to the fact I have to be a part of the regular daytime society again. Diabetically speaking that’s quite a challenge and though my normal rhythm is healthier, switching it and adhering to the clock again can be pretty tough. Bonus challenge for not being able to sleep in this weekend….

I am in need of a vacation……..