30 March 2011

Asleep or working… I need to get shit done. The Sun

Asleep or working… I need to get shit done.

Lately it seems like I am either asleep or at work. I can’t shake the feeling of being lived. I have a total lack of energy and to a large extend I can’t find the willpower to do the things that need doing. For instance because of our purchase of a sony photo camera we can make a photo album for free, this is a two to three hour job which has been sitting there waiting for more than two months. I still have to scan in the tattoo designs I made two months ago for my ex-brother-in-law. But my inaction also reflects on my health, I am gaining weight and my blood glucose can not be benefitting from this. And so I find myself in this downward spiral which I find very hard to break. Especially now with the daylight saving shit stealing an hour of weekend from me.

I am hoping the lengthening of days and the rise in temperature will slow the decline so I can once again gain some control and be able to get shit done.

I want to congratulate Ixani beauty, wellness and new age shop, with her one year anniversary.

So todays’ card

The Sun

The sun is a card which is usually considered to be a good sign. It represents hope, joy and vitality. Summer, light and warmth indicate a better period in life or a brighter state of consciousness. There is always the warning that the sun can also scorch or cause drought, blister the skin and ruin crops. Too much of a good thing can be even worse than the lack of it.

29 March 2011

Busy day today.... Yes it Hurts and today's card 4 of coins

Busy day today….

First in five day of waking up without a killer headache and the weather is absolutely gorgeous, so there’s a bonus. Got a meeting planned with a new client, looking forward to that as well. All in all a demanding but interesting day. And since there’s so little to complain about I’ll leave you with some commercial messages and a card of the day.

Grand Opening, Yes it hurts - Tattoo & Piercing

Saturday, 16 April 2011 at 12:00

And don’t forget my forum…. Go post new topics, reply and have fun….because right now it is becoming a somewhat sad affair. Nocturnal Lure "Tarot" Forum

4 of Coins

Four of coins as with most fours symbolizes some form of stagnation. Adding to that the concept of earth and the material world this card implies holding on to ones possessions even though it may not always be the best choice. Saving for a rainy day and forgetting to live a little today.

25 March 2011

Friday...yay, "eluveitie", "Yes it Hurts" opens, sunday at Auryn.

Yes it’s Friday…

We have survived yet another week, you can congratulate yourself on that. For me the week has been an okay one, somewhat tiring but most certainly rewarding. I gave another interesting workshop last night and the week has been filled with small victories and interesting surprises and off course I started the week last Sunday with my trip to the Auryn showroom in Zeeland( http://www.enchantra.nl/ ) besides my own post earlier, here’s another report from Oh my gosh blog. Not a bad week.

Music tip…

Eluveitie, now I’ve known them for a while but somehow I kind of forgot about their awesomness. Until recently that is, we got reacquainted during PaganFest festival. Eluveitie is fast and hard Death metal like music complemented with typical Celtic instruments and melodies resulting in a fast and invigorating sort of folk metal which today made me bounce to work. Eluveitie is pure energy besides being a musically intelligent and well worked out concept which takes the best of different worlds and brings it together in an accessible and enthusiastic kind of music.

And then there’s this…

Skincrafter, tattoo artist Lennaerd is opening his new tattoo shop “Yes it hurts!” in Schagen, the Netherelands. If you happen to be in the neighbourhood be sure to pay him a visit! Yes it hurts on facebook Yes it hurts!

And here’s today’s card…

Three of swords, three of swords is a nasty piece of works. It symbolizes pain and loss, the heart pierced by three swords, besides reminding us of old school sailor tattoos in itself is not a happy picture. Though most cards can be flipped with a positive spin, the most positive thing about three of swords is that it’s at least over quick.

23 March 2011

Mist outside…mist inside.

Yesterday I told you about the crappy mood I was in well today I am at least somewhat more cheerful, though I think I’ve got a cold or flu heading my way. Often days leading up to getting sick, I feel like my head is stuffed with cotton balls. Not really a physical sensation but rather an emotional state, like the input form the world around me is dulled, filtered or softened while at the same time my head feels like it’s too full. Yeah I know I AM "full" of it some time.

I hope I am wrong because I’ve got a lot of extra work heading my way with which I am going to have my wits about me. But when I look outside and see a fog covering everything it’s like that fog is also covering my mind. And not in an exciting way like in “the Fog” or “the Mist”.

Starting today I will add a Tarot card to my blog as often as I have the time to do so and well… feel like it.

Today I present to you one of my personal favorite cards The Magician (Rider Waite).

The Magician is card number one and is one of the most recognizable symbols of tarot. The Mage may even be considered to symbolize the whole tarot, he at least represents the aces of the suits, which are usually depicted near the mage. He is a jack of all trades but master of none, he is the mediator between heaven (the spiritual world) and earth (the material world). The magician is a performer pur sang and loves to be the center of attention and though he can be a good counselor due to his broad knowledge and insights his ego can make him be an illusionist or even a deceiver because his need to give his advice can be greater than his skill to do so. As an illusionist, jester or deceiver the magicians skill is something to be reckoned with, but this does not in any sense mean everything he does is fake.

22 March 2011


Today is one of those days in which everything feels like too much effort… in which everyday routine feels like walking waist deep in water. I don’t know what it is exactly but I am more than mildly annoyed with basically everything, I guess I am ready for the weekend three days early. And to think our weekend is also cut one hour short due to daylight saving time annoys me even more…. Outdated concept anyway.

Right now I am using my telekinetic powers to induce itches in places people can’t reach… or at least in my head I am. Though I have seen little proof that it’s actually working, the idea is enough to take the edge of my annoyance with the world today.

21 March 2011

So that was Sunday… I am in need of man stuff….

Another weekend has passed so it’s once again the start of the five day struggle. I did however have a strangely awesome weekend. Strange because I had fun at something I would have said little fun could be had.

I went to this opening type thingy of Auryn ( www.enchantra.nl ) , in short… lots of make-up, lot’s of women buying and talking about make-up, the occasional stylist giving advice… and me. And I had a blast. Looking back I can’t say what it was that made the day so much fun except for the people there. However… traveling to and especially back from Zeeland, where this happening took place was bad, real bad. With just about 7 hours of travel time in total of which at least 1,5 hour on the trip home spend standing packed like sardines by train, it was extraordinary coming home with the feeling of having had a great day… I mean I didn’t even buy anything? I guess it was a combination of interesting people and good hosts.

I did have time to do some drawing (see pic), feeling like an island of zen in a sea of make-up raiding estrogen. Other then that I actually did some palm reading (to prove that it’s a gimmick) and some interesting tarot readings.

On other news today… be cool, join my forum, besides the fact that I love the attention, I know some pretty awesome people are out there who should spend time talking to each other online… yes you are one of them… go join http://nltarot.forum2go.nl/ .

16 March 2011

Bloodsugah baby!

Bloodsugah baby!

Okay so I have this diabetes thing and right now all I have to do is watch what I eat, sleep well, exercise and eat a shitload of meds. And since exercise is always something I have planned for tomorrow, I have too much to do in the line of gaming to spend much time asleep and taking meds is just doing what the doctor ordered, the only real influence I have on my health is in the intake of food and drink.

And that sucks…

You know why it sucks, because I am a big fan of food… especially fatty, high carb food, the kind I can only have a small amount of, like getting one shot glass of water after exercising for two hours or getting one hour of sleep after 24 hours of partying… or or… only getting to touch one boob after three months of celibacy… well okay maybe not that. And then there is chocolate… oh man chocolate, chocolate could turn me to crime. Screw coke, give me chocolate.

Now every three months I have to go to the doctor’s and do a check up on blood sugar/glucose levels, blood pressure and weight. And every time about a week up front I start to get nervous. This time was no different. But I got a good score on two out of three, we will not mention weight today… so for a short period of time I will allow myself to be somewhat less careful… a shame I am out of McDonalds and chocolate money though (especially now there’s StarWars happy meals ;-) ).

08 March 2011

International day of the Woman….

Of all God’s inventions I like the woman the most, though oceans and fog are cool too. Though perhaps the source of all world problems cause they make men deaf, dumb and territorial. From a man’s point of view it’s also the single concept that makes it al worth it. From a mothers sheltering love to the warmth of a lover and the need to protect your daughter. Women make men better human beings.

I understand that today is the international day of the Woman... great, I love women.... so here's to you, you wonderful breed of double X chromosomed, long legged, sweet scented fantastic creatures.... the world would be a better place with more of you lot.
So I had the nerve to ask, when is it Man’s day… off course the single reply came from many mouths…
Apparently everyday is “Man’s day”.

07 March 2011

Maybe I should do a Crowley workshop....

Workshop tomorrow night, looking forward to it.. One thing I always have to keep track of is how much time I spend talking. Usually way too much. I normally do a presentation of about half an hour and then take two hours to let people do spreads for one another. Or at least I intend to. In reality this turns out to be me ranting about the history of tarot and letting my guests do two quick readings.

Well tomorrow night will be different, I am planning to keep a tight schedule and keep the presentation short and practical, with only fifteen minutes of talking about Aleister Crowley…

03 March 2011

Workshop This Tuesday 8th of march

Workshop This Tuesday.

I will be hosting another Tarot workshop at Ixani shop. I will do a short presentation about the history and workings of the tarot, after that we will be doing three card spreads and Celtic cross spreads with me assisting and answering questions.

For more information, check the Ixani agenda: http://www.ixani.nl/index_bestanden/Page1164.html

01 March 2011

One of those days… (knight of swords?)

One of those days… (knight of swords?)

Have you ever had one of those days where you really want to snap at everyone? Felt like picking a fight over the first thing someone says to you and feeling absolutely wonderful about it? I am not stressed, moody or depressed, I just really have the urge to pick a fight. So with that little sense of self preservation left to me, I try to avoid human contact where possible and bite my tongue the rest of the day. This would be a great day to have a tarot customer though, I’d mess ‘em up completely, predicting all kinds of horrible stuff.

-Yeah, your dog will die, I don’t see any career progress in the future either.
-In a relationship right now, well… don’t get used to it!
-Health? Yeah well now might be the time to recheck your insurance…

But that’s all guesswork off course.

Next week I’ll be doing another Tarot workshop, I’m planning on this being the best one yet with a great focus on doing readings amongst eachoter and a lot less on the dry and longwinded presentation regarding the history and mental coaching implementations of tarot.

BTW Peeps, don’t forget to join my forum… besides the fact that I really need the attention I am also kinda hoping for it to be fun… and it’s no fun when I’m on my own there…. http://nltarot.forum2go.nl/