20 March 2013


Work is progressing, too slow as far as I'm concerned, then again I do not have that much time considering I also have a full time job and a serious lack of energy due to small medical inconveniences.

However, the Major arcana are done, I won't do a full res scan of the world though, I'm sorry. Against my own nature I decided to limit access to the full set to people I choose for now and people ordering the complete finished set later.

So on to the minors, here's the aces. Lots to do, but at least I made a good start and the concept and ideas behind the deck are gaining strength. All the known symbols are there in their traditional form, though it remains to be seen if this will be the case on all the minor arcana, still seeking the right balance between accessible, traditional without falling back to predictable and just downright copying the Rider. I want my vision my re-imagining to be key in this deck, there are enough Rider Waitte clones.