24 September 2012

Goodbye summer (autumn rant)

I seem to have a mild case of autumn blues, well not mild really and perhaps depression would be more accurate than “the blues”. I feel like a little juice box completely emptied, squeezed to the last drop. Now off course I can go on facebook and post some semi dramatic and vague posts so people will ask me what is wrong, but that’s not me, besides I give people who do act like this hell when they do, why give them the means to get back at me? So I just hand you the facts and let’s see if you can be friendly.

Oh the joy
Autumn makes me severely melancholic to begin with, also somehow autumn seems to be that time of year when shit decides to hurl itself into the fan and financial misery rears his head, feuds, fight and serious battles break out for no reason other than me naturally being always right and having to share this with the world. Then there is my lovely memory that keeps on bugging me how autumn is the most dramatic part of the year and helps me down by playing “memories of yesteryear” in my masochistic theatre of the mind…. Joy. And oh yeah, the weather sucks bigtime, and being completely dependent on my bike for travel beyond anything than 10 meters, yes that means to work every day, I can once again look forward to nearly drowning on my way to work and back in the lovely Dutch version of hell; autumn weather.

semi-apocalyptic weather
Okay now I have that rant behind me I can go on with reporting to you… those few readers out there who somehow got trapped in this part of the internet, what happened to me in the last few months. Since so few blogs came out I must have had one hell of a busy summer right? Wrong, sorry, it’s not that I don’t love you, it’s not you… it’s me, I just didn’t feel like writing here. I have a weekly column in Dutch as some may know on enchantingbeauty and that has been enough of an outlet to keep me going. I’d love to say that I am picking up the pace here again, but that would be making a promise I have no idea of how and if I am going to keep it. Fot now let’s just say, I love writing here and a long as page is up, I might actually post every once in a while, even though most of visitors seem to be coming from google in search of pictures I have up here (Edward Twilight, Trollface, Skyrim Nocturnal), right nobody looking for spiritual guidance.

Anyhoo, don’t let me bring you down go find something beter to do online, look up some porn, lolcats, or hey… check out my t-shirt shop, it’s cool. On that subject BTW, I know it’s just a few shirts up there but keep in mind that anything is possible, other designs, unique designs created at you directions or other types of shirts, hoodies or even umbrella’s, just contact me and we’ll work something out. In case the shop down there (scroll down) is too difficult to find, you can also click this link. Nice eh?

Okay, by for now, I may sound like someone who just pissed vinegar but remember I love you guys.


  1. hmmm...

    but i'll humor you and check out your tshirt shop.

    seriously though: that sucks sid. Take a little bit of that lacking money and invest it in the following things: a trip to the eh... zonnebank and a bottle of whiskey. First you trick yourself into believing that even after dutch rain there is sunshine by getting a fake tan from a uv lamp. (while you are there you are of course downloading a laurel and hardy film, or you go way out and you download a chaplin classic. don't worry about copyright infringements: they are all very dead and won't mind about their loss of income) then on your way back home you stop by the liquor store and buy your whiskey.
    When you get home your download will be complete and you put it on while opening your whiskey and pouring yourself a nice glass.

    success guaranteed... for a few hours at least.

  2. The whisky part will be scheduled, Laurel and Hardy or Chaplin might not work, I've seen those way too often when I was a kid. I love them, but they won't give me more than a slight chuckle. To be honest it's rare to find something really funny these days.

    Oh and thanks for checking the shop, I really appreciate it.

  3. *hugs* This might sound cheesy but try and think of some of the great things about autumn. The colder weather means snuggles under blankets, hot chocolate, and sitting in a nice pub watching the crappy weather from the warmth with a pint (or a whiskey)

    What about going for a walk in the autumn sunshine (it does exist sometimes - I promise!)and kicking the leaves?

    I know the crappy weather can bring the crappy moods with it, but at least its only 92 days until Christmas!

  4. @ Sazzle Dazzle, I am going to keep on counting till spring, December celebrations are not really my thing.

    The hot chocolate is good though!!!

  5. but... but... doesnt everything get funnier with th
    e right dose of whiskey? that's why i suggested the combination of whiskey and chaplin...