31 December 2012

Happy new year (gratuitous nudity)

Okay peeps, here it is, my new year’s speech…

I like you, so there you go… now you can rest assured that not all of the world hates you.

This year was another rollercoaster ride not just for me personally but for a lot of people and I fear the worst may be yet to come. On the other hand, though you don’t have control over everything, you can at least give it a positive spin when you meet live's challenges with humor and compassion, enjoy the challenges you do conquer and celebrate your personal growth, spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

I am not making any new years’ resolutions, but I will look at what 2012 has taught me. I’m gonna take 2013 as it comes, and I am lucky to do that with people like you around me. Old friends, new friends, friends who got less then they deserved, friends I could and should have appreciated more and friends who barely noticed I was there at all. Don’t forget just because I am not talking to you daily, didn’t congratulate you on your birthday or even if I gave you crap, it doesn’t mean I don’t care for you.

With all that has been happening this year I am going to focus on peaceful living, learning from those around me and teach them what I have learned and I’m going to take serious care of my health… I plan to stay around for a while and try to make your lives more interesting or annoy the crap out of you.

Whatever 2012 has brought you, at least we can say we survived two predicted apocalypses (apocalypti?)… so here’s to us… UP FOR ANOTHER ROUND!

28 December 2012

2012 analysis (The yearly this year sucked rant)

I am not one for rants…. Well actually I am... fuck it, there went my introduction. Here’s how I feel about 2012 in bright Technicolor and dolby stereo where available.

No… 2012 wasn’t going to make the favorite-years-in-history list by a long shot, but no one counted on this finale. Cause wow, 2012, you went out of your way to fuck me over, you really took effort to make us feel like shit. I feel like there’s a big ‘FINISH HIM’ above my head in big bloody red letters.

badly edited because I felt like bad editing.
Now I know there are people out there with way bigger problems and that I should not complain. And it may very well be the unfulfilled promises 2012 kept making this year that really made me feel like being dragged across a gravel field. But emotionally, financially and medically 2012 has been like a string of turds cats sometimes have when they do their business while having eaten a piece of string or even one of your hairs (weird little fuckers). There’s the turds, hard nasty chunky bits, then there is nothing for a while and you think it’s over, then you get hit by soggy half digested food and hair and it drags out across the floor and even after you have cleaned the floor with bleach or whatever, you can still smell it, making it obvious you still have shit to deal with.

Well 2012 you can just F**K THE HELL OFF, I don’t like you, the only thing going for you is that you haven’t killed us all on the 21st, but at the moment I am not completely convinced that it is a plus. I hope your younger sister 2013 will treat us better, but my hopes aren’t high.

20 December 2012

Aleister Crowley portrait

Some may know him as the possible anti-Christ, some may know him as an inspirational philosopher. He founded the religious philosophy of Thelema and was the designer, though not the artist, of my favorite tarot deck, the Crowley Toth. But above all, he is to spirituallity, the occult and the esoteric what the Beatles where to music. Some live him, some hate him, some wrote songs about him. I did a portrait, even now... even without knowing him, his visage leaves an impression, an impression I tried to capture.

What you see here, is an edited version from a smartphone capture. Enjoy....

18 December 2012

Calm the fuck down

On the 21st of December too many people will post on facebook and twitter that they are still alive and the earth has not been destroyed. This extreme strain on data traffic however, will paralyze servers. Financial traffic, stock exchange and news media will stop to function and a worldwide panic will follow. North Korea will use this opportunity (since their people are not allowed to use the Internet, they will have little problems with crashed servers) to try and take over the world, which will shortly be answered by the west with nuclear retaliation, resulting in Armageddon.

Now whatever you think will happen the 21st.


Oh and merry x-mass, peace on earth and all that crap.

17 December 2012

Yes, I did a post on guns...

“Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”

One of those idiotic arguments that keeps guns readily available for all kinds of would-be Rambo’s and other nutjobs. Well you know what, gun’s kill people… you can’t shoot someone dead with a carrot, now can you? The gun’s sole purpose is to take live as efficient as possible in as many scenario’s as possible. People have put years of thought in how to do this and even added skill to make bullets as destructive as possible, we don’t just want to scare, or maim, we want to destroy other people.

How I picture any American against gun control
I really hope all the gun toting lunatics understand that taking away weapons makes killing people a much bigger challenge, seeing how many lives were lost to prove this point. Or do we need more killing spree’s to get through to the thick bony wall that apparently leaves so little room for brains?

Now I am no saint, war is a piece of us as we are a territorial and aggressive species. Also we need to have a way to control the masses. Sounds nasty doesn’t it, protecting your loved ones sounds way nobler. But people getting killed in gun related accidents are not unique. Little Timmy playing with daddies gun, or even taking it outside. And there’s the angry or depressed teen, who should listen to angry music and mope in his room, now he has access to a gun, so instead of writing how he hates everybody and wishes they would die in his diary or on facebook, he can actually put his money where is mouth is and shoot bullies and nasty teachers alike.

Now remember, kill the badguys, not dady!
Do the math, you’re not protecting your loved ones, you’re endangering them. Also, when guns are not that easily accessible, your average mugger or drugdealer won’t have that easy access to it either. In some countries even the regular police don’t carry guns and guess what, fewer innocent and even fewer guilty people get killed.

Because you know what… a burglar or a drug dealer or even a mugger doesn’t have to be killed you know. Yes they broke the law and should be punished and severely as far as I’m concerned, but shooting them I feel is somewhat excessive, but that is a reality when every policeman carries a gun. Now I am not opposed to police men being armed, but there is something to be said for the concept.

I saw the Hobbit

Okay saw the Hobbit.

I liked it, a lot… but damn they did take a lot of liberties, made some major plotholes and changed, characters a lot. I won’t go into detail because of spoilers, but in the three hour movie I saw, I think half, at most, came directly from the book. A lot was true to middle earth lore but was not in the hobbit book, and some bits were new but true to lore. Some bits however were uncharacteristic. Radagast was too weird, Bilbo was too heroic (especially during the fight at the end) for that part of the story… and the dwarve’s motivation was considerably more noble than the book implied, in the book treasure seems the main motivation. The most frustrating character change in comparison with the book however was Saruman… who is not even actually IN the book, but was at the time of events in the Hobbit still a pure and good wizard and friendly towards Gandalf, not the grumpy boss distrusting his fellow wizards and already playing into Saurons cards. 

Other than that, I thought the movie was ff-ing brilliant and I loved the cast, which was obviously sponsored by the BBC (Sherlock, DrWho, Red Dwarf, being Human). The entire cast was either known Shakespearean actor and/or in Spartacus, Xena or Hercules, so well equipped for drama, bloodshed and monsters. The dwarves were hilarious and I loved the return of so many Lord of the Rings actors, whether they were appropriate to the story or not.

Now I want to re-watch it in 3D.