23 November 2012

What's that ADS????!!!

No those are not ads, I wish, that would mean I might be making a buck on my well honed creative skills. What you see is a link to the 3nter game site for which I write news items and game reviews, in Dutch. Linking to the page seemed like a good idea.

At the bottom of the page there's the t-shirt shop with my designs, which you need to check out and buy stuff from, otherwise I'll never be rich and my plans for world domination will fail. BTW I also take assignments for designs, I am cheap... not free, but cheap.

Now you haven't heard from me for a while because of me being sick and spending my time on either the toilet or sleeping on the couch, but I intend to pick up the pace again as soon as possible.

05 November 2012

Remember, Remember....

Guy Fawkes was an adversary of the Dutch when he sided with Spain during the 80yr War, the bad guys, the oppressors. Trying to bomb a government building also makes you a terrorist. The fifth of November used to be a celebration for foiling Fawkes’ gunpowder plot. It’s an interesting subject for discussion whether saving the king is a good or a bad thing, but Fawkes did it because he was a Catholic and the king a Protestant. I do believe that we still frown upon killing for religion.

V for Vendetta, brilliant movie it may be, made the Fawkes image a symbol for rebellion against oppression, picked up by movements like anonymous and the occupy X groups. Imagine people in 400 years wearing Bin Laden masks as a symbol of the resistance.

So as we celebrate an assassination attempt it’s getting harder to get a clear view on what we are talking about.. The difference between freedom fighter, resistance fighter or terrorist is which side you’re on.

So here’s one for you lot…

Remember, Remember the fifth of November… one day till Halo 4 release…