17 January 2011

new year sorry

Okay today I will make this easy on myself….

I know I haven’t posted in a while, sorry I had other, better and more important things to do. I will make this up soon, but for now I will be posting in a less… yes even less high frequency. Lazy guy that I am I will even post this one on both my blogs.

First of all I have drawn the Prey giveaway… and the winner is … drumroll… Qubert DaVaKa, he will be notified ( mail me je adres man )

So that one’s out of the way, now there’s still the nltarot.nl giveaway which will follow shortly, if you hurry you can still enter or boost your “score” (that’s posting, retweeting, sharing etc.).

So what’s happened, well I’ve been sick, symptoms resembling swine flu, oink. After that I’ve had a week off in which I have played games on my xbox (Red Dead Redemption and Halo Reach on legendary still needed finishing) and went to the Bodyworlds ( http://www.bodyworlds.com/ ) exhibition on which I will blog sometime next week.

So I hope you guys missed me and here’s to a fresh start of the new year.