17 November 2010

Ladies Night… yeah baby!

Okay, how about that, I will be an attraction on Heerhugowaard’s movie Theatre’s Ladies Night… how much awesomeness can one little Tarot reader contain?

Seriously though, 14 December I will be doing tarot readings during the theatre’s ladies night. I have no idea whatsoever of what to expect except for probably being the only one with y chromosomes there. Still, it is another good opportunity to train my short reading skills since most of my regular readings run up to 45 or 50 minutes instead of the intended 20 to 30 minutes. On the world summer festival a few months ago I did manage to slim the 15 minute readings down to 20 minutes instead of half an hour or more so I am getting there!

More on ladies night soon! Like… what the fuck will I wear?


  1. What you should wear?
    A little black dress and red lipstick of course... duh

  2. Yeah, uhuh, sounds like a good plan...*rollseyes*