03 November 2010

On updates and how to recognize whether you are living in a computer game....

Yeah so there’s nothing much to say, so I will just give a few news updates…

The giveaway is giving mixed results, though unique visitors per day and regular pageviews are climbing there is but little increase in followers, which is off course one of those “rules” I’ve put up to start out with, three days after the thirtieth follower has joined the giveaway will be put into action. So come on peeps, if all of you get two people to join we’re already there… easy eh? Not to mention that you will have increased your win chance with 200%!

Here’s the link again: http://nltarot.blogspot.com/2010/10/free-crowley-tarot-storage-box-and.html

Oh and I’ve got some other news. In a while I will be starting a new blog some of you might be interested in, a Game blog in which I will be doing some contemplating on games and giving advice on what to buy, how to play and what to avoid. To get you in the right state of mind for joining there as well I will give you this….

The TOP ten of dead giveaways you are actually IN a computer game…

10: Even when you are a six feet tall body builder with a crowbar or a bazooka for that matter, that half rotten, shabby wooden door can only be opened, if at all, with the right key.

09: Little creatures such as rats, bats and spiders drop huge amounts of gold, weaponry or even full plate armors when they die.

08: You teleport when you point at a map.

07: Drinking from red bottles of liquid seems to extend your life!

06: You suddenly see several hundred people who look exactly a like… probably running toward you with drawn weaponry.

05: People you talk to all seem to hint on places with hidden treasure.

04: Instead of going to the police or calling 911 people decide to come to you to save their children, pets and spouses.

03: Sleeping, eating and peeing is no longer important.

02: Everyone you fall in love with suddenly needs to be saved from evil sorcerers, giant gorilla’s or other demons, aliens and terrorists.

01: No matter how tall, strong or athletic you are, you cannot get past barrels, small picket fences or shallow streams of water.

1 comment:

  1. GAME BLOG!!! Yay!!!!

    Ok, that was overecitement, but trully, games RULE!

    My fav. quote: I'm a gamer, I have thousands of lives!