02 March 2013

The Lovers, why a tree... not sure about this card

Okay so here's the Lovers card. I am not sure if this is the final product, though I will mostly likely stick to this concept. The lovers is a difficult card to deal with because of it's strong traditional imagery and it's double meaning. Both romance an synergy are important to the lovers. Not just love and passion but also opposites complementing each other are what the lovers stand for. I hope to have achieved this in my design. I added the tree because traditionally there is usually a third presence (Angel) in the image and I felt I really missed something. I didn't want to take anything away from the strength of the union depicted so I came up with the tree. Echoing  the world tree (Yggdrasil) which is also featured in several other places in the deck (or will be) it ads a hint of the divine, but also is a strong symbol of connecting earth and heaven, perhaps the greatest opposites after light and dark.

I am however not sure if this is the exact piece as it will be featured in the deck, some slight flaws bug me and I really want the contrast to be bigger. Maybe the border which will eventually be added to all cards will make the image stronger. However, right now, this is what we're going with if only to keep the thing going and keep me from standing still for too long.

I am already dreading the touch-up face of this process.

The Lovers

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