23 December 2010

An employer should keep social life in mind…

On more than one level by the way. I feel it is the responsibility of an employer to at least contribute as much as possible to a balanced and happy private and social life. Since the better part of your waking day is taken up by work it plays a large role in how you feel about your life in general. Employers should realize this, in the big picture they have an obligation. This year again some companies were actually held responsible for rises in suicides and I think, in some extreme cases rightfully so.


However, it’s not all misery and gloom. I for one have a pretty decent job and lots of fun, interesting or at least entertaining colleagues. Half of my followers on my blogs are colleagues. Even though the company itself puts no special effort in the selection, in my experience it has been succeeding in creating a great atmosphere among co-workers for as long as I have worked here. Off course there are things that rub me the wrong way, getting a day off when you want to seems to be a challenge for instance and it’s not always easy to get my progressive, idealistic, politically left orientated head wrapped around the ├╝bercomercialism, but says more about me than the company itself. But on the whole I have little to complain about.

But… recently excrement is coming into contact with the mounted three lobed propeller. It would seem that a majority of colleagues I had categorized as “interesting”, “fun to talk to” and even “cute” are leaving the company. In short, cool people are leaving. So coming January I will have to make a new selection of people to waste time with. The company should really pay more attention to my needs, trust me, you don’t want me around when I have too much time on my hands or when I am unable to have a pointless conversation. Not being able to get a day off is one thing, taking away my entertainment is verging on criminal.

Guys, I’ll miss you lots…. You know who you are!


  1. yay, you called me cute!!
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  2. I miss my collegues too!