04 July 2011

And another week… mead and kittens.

Freya has been with us for a week now, the little diva is getting along with everybody as long as each of us knows our place, any deviation from written protocol is met with sharp screeching and the occasional wack of the paw. She even has new drink and food bowls, pink with a little crown on it.

So week two of working Monday and Tuesday evenings. Working the evening shift is not all that brilliant. It’s not too bad on the day itself but on Wednesdays and Thursdays when my regular shift resumes (which means getting out of bed at 6:00 or earlier) I have trouble adjusting. Last week especially Thursdays was terrible, I had a hypo (extreme low bloodsugar caused by my diabetes) and the rest of the day I was extremely tired, or sleepy to be exact, constantly fighting to keep my eyes open and not being able to focus on anything. So I’ll have to be extra careful not to let that happen again this week.

I did my first practice session with my tattoo kit. First I let my wife actually fix one of the guns because it would not work for mister technical… L But now I actually fully understand how the thing works and I got to working the synthetic skin. I now know where my main challenges lie. I have to get a steady hand and see how to move my hand while maintaining a straight and steady line and I will have to keep a sharp eye on where and how I place my needle. Other than that I now know what materials I still need. I have confidence in achieving a certain amount of skill within reasonable time after which I will start abusing my own skin.

Yesterday we went to a small renaissance fair type festival thingy. It was okayish considering it was free admittance. One big bonus was the presence of Mead and More (http://www.meadandmore.nl/) . Mead and More sells mead…. And not just one kind of mead, they buy, import and sell all kinds of mead from all over Europe. My favorite is Wild Rose Mead, of which I immediately bought a bottle off course.

Ixani has her new site up (www.ixani.nl), be sure to check that, I can’t wait to get started again on my readings and workshops, I actually haven’t done a single tarot reading since Anja closed the doors a few weeks ago, so I hope the opening of the new location will be soon!


  1. What? No pics of Freya or you working the tattoo gun? I feel robbed of the experience!!!! Practice well, who knows, maybe, if you feel ok, you can do a star/heart/butterfly on my skin?? :)

  2. Soon I will post pics of me handling the Tattoo gun... beign a noob I don't feel it's very apropriate to present myself as a tattoo artist though. I will also post pics, or scans of my first serious project once that's done.

    Freya pics are in great abundance on Janny's facebook page. I will post some again here next time.

  3. :)
    It's in the noob'nes where lies the fun (=funny) factor of seeing you handling the tattoo gun :P

    Everybody starts like that!