16 March 2011

Bloodsugah baby!

Bloodsugah baby!

Okay so I have this diabetes thing and right now all I have to do is watch what I eat, sleep well, exercise and eat a shitload of meds. And since exercise is always something I have planned for tomorrow, I have too much to do in the line of gaming to spend much time asleep and taking meds is just doing what the doctor ordered, the only real influence I have on my health is in the intake of food and drink.

And that sucks…

You know why it sucks, because I am a big fan of food… especially fatty, high carb food, the kind I can only have a small amount of, like getting one shot glass of water after exercising for two hours or getting one hour of sleep after 24 hours of partying… or or… only getting to touch one boob after three months of celibacy… well okay maybe not that. And then there is chocolate… oh man chocolate, chocolate could turn me to crime. Screw coke, give me chocolate.

Now every three months I have to go to the doctor’s and do a check up on blood sugar/glucose levels, blood pressure and weight. And every time about a week up front I start to get nervous. This time was no different. But I got a good score on two out of three, we will not mention weight today… so for a short period of time I will allow myself to be somewhat less careful… a shame I am out of McDonalds and chocolate money though (especially now there’s StarWars happy meals ;-) ).

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