19 July 2011

To work and back....

Okay call me weird...

crowd: "you're weird!"

Okay, having established that, here's the thing. I like sharing, hence the blog. Today I want to share something simple and banale, the sights I see when I ride my bike to work and back.

Sometimes I hate the landscape here and sometimes it's simple beauty strikes me. Feel free to skip this blog if you're not into it.

Today the weather was great, so imahgine this with dark clouds and rain, like it is two thirds of the time. These pictures are all taken in the nine kilometers from Alkmaar, through St Pancras to Heerhugowaard.


  1. Daar kan ik ook van genieten op de fiets, gewoon eens even stilstaan van de omgeving rondom je, zalig!

  2. Soms kost het moeite om even de tijd te nemen lijkt het, de beloning is echter wel de moeite.