27 June 2011

And then there was this day full of new things….

This week starts out with three events that may have a serious impact on daily life the coming months or even years. Opportunities and promises of interesting things. It’s all like coming down the stairs and seeing the presents under the Christmas trees. I've posted about most of it before, so you may consider these updates in a "shit got real" sort of theme.

Tattoo kit

Today we ordered my first tattoo kit, off course in comparison to the machine professionals use it will be something along the lines of “my first Sony” but I think it looks totally awesome and I have yet to find out what works for me and if the whole tattoo thing is doable considering some physical issues I have like a bad back and slight rheumatic problems. But I’ve covered that before, now I am just very excited to get started. Apart from disfiguring and mutilating myself, it might even be that these guns will never actually touch another’s skin. Something I’ll have to figure out. I am also pretty curious about leather tattoos, I’ve seen some awesome work.


I posted her second because she already has enough of an attitude without being first everywhere. She is one hell of a diva, she has been with us for one evening and one night now and already Lady Freya considers herself queen of the castle and does not tolerate being without attention for more then ten seconds. Other then that all food is to be considered hers and petting will be requested in writing, threefold and up front. Off course any flat or semi flat area whether living or not is to be considered her sleeping space. One hell of a lady with an awesome attitude, it will take Odin and Loki some getting used to but I strongly believe that before the week is over a new equilibrium will have formed, with Freya most likely at the top of the chain of command in our little abode.

Evening shifts

After eight and a half year of having a steady work schedule at last I have had to give in and now work two evenings a week. Every Monday and Tuesday I will be working from 11:30 up to 20:00. With my diabetes this will take some getting used to and I am expecting a few heavy weeks, but there are also a lot of improvements to look forward to. Dinner will be paid for the days I have evening shift, that’s two days of groceries less to fuzz about. I get to sleep in on Mondays and Tuesdays, so my weekend got upgraded and I will be able to play more xbox on Sunday night. But most of all I am hoping for those two extra mornings to give me back some of the energy I am missing lately. That’s 4 mornings of rest in stead of two, so I am expecting a huge impact there.

So, how’s that for a Monday eh?

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