09 February 2012


I used to love winter. Going out sledding, ice skating, having snow ball battles all the way from home to school. I even built a snow fort or two, awesome!!! So where did it go wrong, where did I become this cynical anti-Jack Frost? Well for starters having to plough your way to work in the cold and dark, may sound like something adventurous or even romantic, going through the actual thing… not so much. I arrive at work with feet frozen and ice in my beard and mustache but my back dripping with sweat. I start my half hour journey with a hoodie, a scarf and my jacket closed up to my chin and usually end the trip with scarf discarded and all my garments opened down to my t-shirt.

And than there is that weird animal loving thing I have, seeing signs of missing pets, ducks and swans stuck in the ice and small animals having extreme trouble due to snow and frost makes it impossible for me to enjoy this weather nowadays. It makes me get a bit irritated with people who promote the whole winter fun thing, when people have actually frozen to death.

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