23 February 2012

So yeah I'm on insulin....

So I have had this diabetes type thingy for a few years now. Since last monday diet and pills don't cut it anymore and now I'm on insulin. Kinda sucks for a number of reasons, but it will most likely greatly improve my health.

Anyway in case any of you are interested, this is how it looks. And it's true, you can barely feel the needle.

Looks like a case for an expensive pen right?

well in a way it is.
It's important to make sure the fluid is mixed completely.

Mixed and all it's time to screw the needle on it and
select the right dose on the "pen".

And here it is, dial turned to eight units (that's what most
start out with) needle ready to pierce the body....

That's my well muscled upper leg, jab the needle in, push the
"pen" and leave it in for ten seconds.

Now throw away the needle in the junky bin.
So that's it, easy as pie.

BTW The Sugarpill sticker on my laptop is pure coincidence.

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