22 February 2011

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What’s a good spread?

Sandwich spread is awful, that much is certain, but I am talking tarot spreads here. In other words; where the cards go and what the specific place on the table means.

Let me start of by saying it’s essential to think about this. Even though the cards themselves are quite powerful in their message, it’s the spread that forms the basis, the framework for your reading. It is wise to familiarize yourself with at least one spread, better yet stick to that one spread specifically till you know it by heart. It is not unheard of to design your own spreads, but keep them simple and recognizable for yourself, keeping track of 78 cards is challenging enough, especially when you’re just beginning.

Spread tips… I will give you the two spreads I feel are best. One is the three card spread en the second is the well known Celtic cross. It’s well known for a reason, many people use it and they use it because it works like a charm… not literally though.

Three way…
Uhm, three way spread that is, not a ménage a troi. Three is a powerful number, many spiritual concepts are inspired by the number three. The holy trinity, the pagan maiden, mother and crone are well known examples. Though you can alter the specific meaning to suit specific questions, basically the cards are divided in “past, present and future” or “what I’ve learned, what’s occupying me now, what are my goals?” which is more or less the same. You can place the cards any way you want, but I believe laying them next to each other is by far the most productive.


1: Behind me, past, learned
2: Me, now, current situation
3: path ahead, future, goals

Celtic cross

The Celtic cross is all kinds of awesome, the fact that it is a spiritual icon with a rich history rooted in a land known for its mysticism and folklore makes the image of the Celtic cross alone powerful enough to inspire many a wanna-be diviner. But the sheer completeness and logic behind the design make it one of the most useful spreads out there. It can take some time to figure it out and make it your own, but when you do as far as spreads are concerned this is the one you could do with for the rest of your tarot career. When you look at it, it almost seems like a man, walking on a road, when you keep that image in mind half of the cross is already easily explained. A man, a path, behind and ahead, head and heart. The pillar next to him is just four other cards to commit to mind.


1: The present situation, heart of the matter
2: What’s on your path, blocking you/ guiding you
3: Behind you
4: ahead of you on your current path
5: On your mind, ratio
6: In your heart, emo
7: you and how you relate to the present
8: External influences
9: Fears/ Desires
10: conclusion, answer, future

So there you have it! No go and try it yourself.

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