17 September 2010

I'm a game-nerd and not afraid to admit it...

Halo Reach,

This week is all committed to my other addiction, computer games, specifically xbox, more specifically Halo Reach. The 14th of September has been a highlighted day on my calendar ever since it became Halo Reach’s official release date. Yes I am such a person sometimes referred to as a sad individual, I actually took three days off from work to commit myself to getting a head start within the gaming community with this awesome piece of programming genius.

I even bought the so called Legendary edition containing a large statue en all types of in-game goodies. It also contained a book. It’s a replica of the fictional diary of Dr, Catherine Halsey, one of the more important background characters in the Haloverse. I was blown away with the amount of detail they put in it. It contains scraps, electronic keycards, notes, photographs and newspaper clippings. All from the fictional universe but so realistically done. I love the amount of work creators Bungie have put in this game and it’s bonus items to please the fans. It’s a rare dedication to please fans Bungie shows with this game and it’s bonus content I wish more companies followed their example.

Next time will be a tarot blog again…promise.

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