19 July 2010

Tarot Fatigue

The last few days I’ve been having what can only be described as Tarot-Fatigue. Though I have some serious work still to do, a review for Aeclectic Tarot and the rest of my Tarot training, I simply do not feel like picking it up. Tomorrow I have an appointment with a client, oddly enough I am looking forward to that. Maybe it’s not the tarot itself but the extra work that’s bugging me lately. Doing a reading, the human interaction always gives me enormous amounts of energy.

I have had similar episodes with drawing, painting and designing. I am actually still in the middle of that as well, four tattoo designs at least are still waiting to be created, to flow from my mind to the paper, but I simply do not “feel like it”.

I am hoping my client tomorrow will re-energies my “tarot-battery” so I can get to work on other projects, though coming week might already be too fully planned to even have the time to get to work.

BTW, this Sunday I will choose followers for a free online reading… if you still want one, let me know…

1 comment:

  1. Regarding your ´Me´ I hope no one of your current employer is reading this blog! Quitting your day job...
    As for me and my shop I surely hope so that you will be able to quit your day job and are willing to work for/with me on a daily basis! Your own department of the occult and symbolic... that would be great!
    On the other hand... if you are tarot-fatigue my clients won't have much use for you now won't they!
    I hope you find your inspiration back, not only for the clients but mostly for yourself.
    Oh, and I would love that free online reading! Q: oh well... actually I don't have a specific question|!