26 February 2013

First bumps in the road, hit hard... (Tarot of the beckoning night)

Okay so I have been going forward with a vengeance with creating my Tarot deck up to last weekend. Being somewhat more limited regarding time this week is a drawback but that's no biggy. My first color try outs however got me down, hard. I have no clue what to do regarding technique and scheme. Every ouch of color seems to bring down the original design. I have done a few variations and the less color I use, the better it feels. But I was not planning on a deck in grayscale and color is actually important to the cards meaning.

I am even contemplating looking for someone else to do the coloring....

I have got some heavy thinking to do and apparently I was ill equipped for disappointment here, my ego got me thinking this was gonna be easy. Anyway, here are the color try outs, feedback it to hell if you want it's not likely to make it to the final versions anyway.

2 color version

color one-on-one scan

some color editing

the original

slightly enhanced color


  1. I like the deep purple card. But maybe just concentrate on black and white first, and after finishing card 78 worru about the colouring of the cards? <3 marjolein

  2. While doing the cards in grayscale I have to keep an eye on possible color concepts. Some designs would not be possible to add color to later otherwise. For the design to have the impact I envision I have to keep track of what the end product would look like, including color, name-tags and even borders and backside.

    It's not just a drawing, it's a complete package in one where a synergy needs to emerge from all the individual parts.

  3. Keeping color out of the equation entirely has also crossed my mind, but it would make it less accessible and I would instantly discard a whole extra layer of symbolism.