14 October 2011

Travel story, Halloween at Auryn… the full story.

As promised here it is, the full story of Halloween at Auryn showroom (Enchantra). In full Technicolor with pictures in full surround sound and HD 3D. Well pictures and words at least.

Jasmine's outfit
Some time ago at the opening of Auryn showroom, I brought my tarot cards, apparently Linda never forgot this because last time we were at an Auryn event Linda asked me if I could come and do tarot readings at the Halloween party. Off course I said yes. Now understand that we love Linda and Robert to bits and we attend every possible event at Auryn. But each time the night before we look at the average travel time and realize that over seven hours of traveling a day, takes quite the bite out of your weekend, though every time we travel back we realize that it’s worth it. This time was no exception.

Halloween means dressing up, having to travel quite a bit by train and because of the party being in a
showroom, too elaborate costumes were out of the question. Besides that I get warm real fast and since I don’t want to sweat on my cards and keep things practical in general, so we decided on a somewhat simpler sort of outfit. Jasmine and I went as a fantasy style Gypsy couple (sorry no pics of me). So with lace up pants, silk short and all kinds of shawls we set out to Zeeland.

Not that scary yet
In the train we met Agnetha en Linda (there are too many Linda’s BTW, we should have a contest which ones get to keep their names while we do a poll on what names the other can pick). We had to change trains at Amsterdam Sloterdijk where we went to Starbucks. Now I’ve been to Starbucks before and yes, they make good coffee. However… no-one had ever told me about the divine brilliance, the nectar of the Gods that is Crème Brule Macchiato. At this point my day was already a success no matter what would happen next.

What happened next was basically nothing for a long time, with half a liter of coffee in me and little to do I started to “entertain” my travel companions, with which I mean “annoy the crap out of” while they where finishing up their costumes and make up (doing eyelashes one train station at a time). I feel everybody was happy when we finally arrived at our destination, the train station which name I just cannot remember no matter how often I read or even visit it. It’s something like Kruiseicher-Jersygohr. The weather kinda sucked and we had to wait at least five whole minutes (!!!!) until our carriage arrived. Other ghouls, ghosts and witches had already joined our merry band of halloweeners at Kruezinger-Yarsocar when Robert arrived looking almost as scary as I do Sunday mornings before breakfast.

Some pictures:


at work
When we arrived at the showroom we saw nothing but mist at first, when the smoke machine smoke cleared we were greeted by the site of the showroom. The Halloween vibe was amazing, the decorations, the Halloween style food and all the costumes. Now as far as I am concerned they can make every day Halloween if only for the outfits some people were wearing. I was shown to “my table” pretty quickly and set up shop. After ten minutes I started my first reading and apart from two ten minute breaks and a visit to the toilet I have been doing readings up till half past five. I have done some very interesting readings and met some great ladies. It never stops to amaze me how tarot can go so deep so fast sometimes, especially when you are only aiming to do some light entertaining readings, I always strive to help people achieve progress in their lives and I hope I have done so at least a little.

Across the table they were busy doing scary dares, which were awesome. The professional photo’s are
slowly being made available and it’s worth a watch, so after you finish reading check the enchanting beauty site. Seeing those pretty faces all horror-ed up is the stuff of nightmares. (http://www.enchantingbeauty.nl/?p=6321 use buttons at the top to browse through the entries)

Around six it was time to head home. It’s hard to explain how completely exhausting doing so many readings can be, even a single reading can drain you quite a bit, a “marathon” like this really takes it out of you. So on the ride back I was barely half as annoying as on the way there earlier. Somewhere between Chruusinkar-Jorsiegehr and Alkmaar I found time for pizza slices, crème brule macchiato and I even fell asleep… hope I don’t talk in my sleep anymore. The whole train ride, both up there and back, actually flew buy, thanks to the company of Agnetha en Linda. Time actually flies when you’re having fun, or at least good company.


  1. Thank your for your wonderfull compliment! I ROFLOL on the different names of the trainstation you used. The name of the trainstation is Kruiningen-Yerseke, but you came clese ;)

    Thanks again for your visit and your readings. We would like to book you again for our Halloween party next year.

  2. Next year I thought I'd try tattooing... ;-)

  3. Hehe. Laten wij nu net niet voldoen aan de regels van de GGD wanneer je dit in de showroom wilt doen XD

    Toch maar tarot leggen dan? (A)

  4. Niet voldoen aan de GGD regels, ik zag inderdaad wel een (Minnie) muis lopen zondag (zie foto boven).