09 November 2011

Freya, Sugar and Skyrim


Just a short update today on what’s going on in my life.

shown cute kitten, that was then
Starting of, I am nervous as hell. Our kitten (6 months now and not really the tiny little kitten anymore) is being “helped” today, and though it may be a routine job for the vet, it’s not every day our little diva is under narcosis. You have to understand  how I am put together to fully understand my stress about this.  I could care less about 99,9% of humanity and even though I want people to be happy I can witness human suffering and still be able to sleep at night. One PETA commercial however and I’m having nightmares for weeks. Animals in a way are helpless, they were put on this planet with us and we kinda took over, the animals were delivered to our mercy. When I see an animal suffer my heart breaks. So now our own little diva is being operated on, I am completely stressed.

Yesterday it was once again time to do some medical tests because of me being a glucose-challenged individual. Normally this takes an hour out of my morning max. However since I am not supposed to consume anything but water starting the evening before, I always have the whole day off to sleep and get my bloodsugar to it’s normal slightly elevated level through the medium of pizza and sleep. Now I knew the location I had to go to had changed so I looked it up the day before. It was a “home” for the elderly, having type2 diabetes seemed fitting here since it’s roughly translated called “elderly diabetes” here. Upon entering the building and in doing so cutting the average age in there in half I discovered that it was closed on Tuesdays. I won’t bore you with details but the short story boils down to; me riding around town for more than an hour, imagine me pale as a sheet, not having eaten for half a day, in diabetes years that’s like two days, finally getting a needle jabbed in my arm, 4 pints of blood stolen and finally handing in two test tubes containing freshly squeezed urine. Off course the lady doing the jabbing was in a bad mood and off course she stuck me in a most painful and probably incorrect way, making my arm hurt up till the evening.

However… coming home, after finally having eaten, I went to sleep. I heard my phone receiving an incoming message but chose to ignore it. Not that much later, my lovely wife woke me up. Just before I had the chance to make a bitchy remark about wanting to sleep she showed me the text message I had received. The game I had been waiting for, The Elder Scrolls Skyrim (I think I mentioned this in earlier blogs), which will be officially released coming Friday 11-11-11, was waiting for me at my now favorite gamestore GameMania. I called the shop for confirmation and after receiving said confirmation promised them to be there within seconds, which I nearly succeeded in. I understand it caused quite the stir up, selling the game three days before the official worldwide release, but quite frankly I don’t care, I am playing Skyrim! If I’m coming up short with blogging the coming weeks because of that, I am sorry in advance…. No wait, I’m not… I’m playing Skyrim!

“This is an automated message, Sidney will not be replying to any messages, in case of world domination by felines or the Mayans being wrong and the world ending right now, the rapture happening, or Sidney winning an amount exceeding 10.000 euro’s in the lottery, it is possible to try to contact Sidney over xbox live. Loss of limbs, sanity or soul resulting of interrupting Skyrim, at your own risk.”


  1. En hoe is de operatie gegaan?
    Alvast veel speelplezier nog ;)

  2. Goed, ze is alweer aardig op weg naar haar standaard diva instelling, ze heeft alleen zo'n lampenkap kraag op en dat vind ze echt niet leuk.

  3. Ahh Skyrim, die wil ik ook!! Na Morrowind en die andere (ow hoe vergeetachtig kan je zijn) moet ik deze hebben. Ik denk alleen voor de PC aangezien mijn vriend de Xbox heeft ingepikt met zijn stomme voetbal spelletjes