10 October 2012

My new girlfriend…

Okay before I get into trouble, the title is meant to explain how I feel about my beloved Janny. Today we celebrate that we have been a couple for 9 years and though it feels like we have always been together, at the same time I feel like we are only just dating, still fresh, still in love.

It is impossible to describe how I feel about my beloved Janny, how to explain that she still gives me butterflies when she smiles half asleep when I kiss her goodbye when I go to work, how to put into words how I feel like a teenager when I see her undress when she comes to bed, how to make someone understand the pride I feel when I walk beside her.

My love, my lover, my beloved, I love you


  1. If I find someone that loves me half as much as you love and care for Janny I will be a happy lady.

    You both inspire me every day, and it is an honour to call you my friends! We'll have a proper meet up one of these days ;)