04 April 2011

Saving toads…

Well since it’s above 5 degrees Celsius in the morning these days, I’m wearing my short sleeves on my bike. So there I was cycling to work being all awesome with my forefathers’ cool cold resisting blood running through my veins, 7 o’ clock in the morning, plants still white from the night’s frost and people looking at me like I am some sort of Celtic, Viking barbarian… or the village idiot, whatever.

All of a sudden, me the village idiot goes to full anchors, breaking
like there’s no tomorrow. And why, you may ask. Well because of a toad. Let me explain this, around spring toads over here travel to water, streams, brooks and such, to lay eggs. This toad migration is something terrible for an animal lover like me, because a lot get killed as they cross roads and bike paths… a big lot. After the eggs have formed into miniature toads, the whole show starts again as they travel back to wherever toads like to live.

So I braked for this huge mother of a toad, literally since they are going to lay eggs they’re mothers right? I put my bike in the middle of the bike path and picked up the creature, who actually looked up at me and walked into my hand, holding tight while I carried her of the road and to the bushes near the water there. The little creature looked as happy as can be expected from a toad and I walked back to my bike feeling like I saved at least a small part of the world. I do these things, getting hedgehogs of the road, ducks out of fishing lines and even fish back in to the water whenever I can.

Now you may call me an idiot, well actually you may not because I would slap you, but metaphorically speaking. But when it comes to animals, especially when they are a victim of the human invasion, I take extra effort to make even the smallest difference. Call me soft, but keep in mind thought that with most of humanity, I couldn’t care less. I am weird that way. I feel humanity is natures tough kid, the bully and should be able to fend for itself, while the smaller kids in nature need someone to stand up for them.

No card today... don't feel like it.... maybe later... sorry.

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  1. don't forget the little toad we saved last week.. it's 2 little brothers were already run over :(

    I think we saved a lot of toads and hegdgehogs these last few years....