01 April 2011

Meme based Tarot deck? Trollface as fool.

Though I admit, it might be fun, it is off course nonsense. When you think about it though, both popular memes as well as tarot cards are based on basic human emotions and aspects of everyday life. They both represent us and our worlds so when you take some effort you might actually come up with some interesting possibilities. The Hermit is forever alone guy, ten of wands may be high expectations Asian dad… possibilities are limitless. And the fact that internet meme’s are as good as copyright free it could be an easy do it yourself sort of thing.

So today is April fool’s day. Besides a few small pranks I haven’t really done any good pranks, nor have I been pranked… yet. I was planning to switch site appearance with my wife’s blog, but she didn’t like the idea, so there you have it a basically prankfree April fools form a born prankster. I have seen some very well executed pranks on the news today though so it is good to see that April fools is very much alive…. Loki would be proud.

Today’s card, how can it be any other… The Fool Card number zero. The first step of the journey, the fool is more than just an idiot. Though he pays no attention to his surroundings and might very well walk off a cliff in seconds, he is also someone free of judgment and is the incarnation of the statement ignorance is bliss. He has the power to see things the way they are without prejudice, he is innocence. And make no mistake, he may be walking towards the edge, chances are he will turn at last second, or better yet, he might just sprout wings and fly, such is the fool's nature.

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