26 September 2011

Ear infection, no fun at all…

Yes I have yet again been away for some time, once again because I was sick. This time I had an infection in my ear. Not a regular one that lasts for three days and can be made less painful by piercing the eardrum, trust me I do not underestimate these “regular” ear infections, I’ve had them plenty, but one in the middle of my ear, with such an extreme swelling that both my ears were grown shut.

I have tried to describe how it felt entering day six of the infection on Facebook

Take six needles, if possible a bit blunt and rusty, and boil some oil to 190 degrees. Now create a vacuum inside your skull, stick the needles in both your ears, try to hit your eardrum at least once and pour the boiling oil in your ear as well. Let's not forget to create continuous buzzing, throbbing and whistling inside your head and to remove 90% of your hearing. Now hang a 15 kilo weight around your neck and stay awake for 5 days. 

Welcome to my world. 

I have had severe backaches, burns, broken bones, migraine, deep cuts, neck aches and what more, I am no sissy, but ear-infection is by far the most painful experience I know.

I am right now still not completely recovered, due to my diabetes it seems to take longer to feel completely okay again, also my ear still stings a bit when I don’t take pain killers at least twice a day. But I am getting a bit better every day and I have been back at work for several days now, working half days.

Other than that, keep your eyes open for workshops, courses and other interesting events we have planned in the coming months at Ixani. We’re possibly starting a tarot club type thingy, and I am preparing something that will allow you to get into contact with “your own” tarot card. Keep your eyes open for details on Ixani.nl I don't want to give away anything yet....

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