28 September 2011

Fours in Tarot, stagnation… magician is the cure.

So today this blog will actually feature Tarot again and I will actually use tarot and esoteric references as well.

There is method and system in Tarot, as many who do regular readings know. You can almost learn the cards by understanding the system behind it. From ace to ten and followed by the court cards the numbers have the same background in every suit. An ace is a spark, a basic concept of a suit, while the ten can be considered the completion of the essence of the suit. Take into account what the suit represents and voila, you just saved yourself a lot of money buying all kinds of reference books.

Well okay it’s not THAT simple, but consider this system and you have a very strong guide to understanding the tarot and a certain insight in the system on which it works. Now I will make it personal and focus on the number I can’t seem to escape lately, the four.


The four in tarot symbolizes stagnation. In swords it’s being held in place possibly by illness or something else outside of your direct control. In pentacles it’s keeping your possessions close and your wallet closed. Cups shows you how you miss opportunities and therefore progress and four of wands or staves, though a lot more positive in it’s approach shows you the start of a building, there is time for rejoicing but you are at the start of a project that will keep you from going anywhere soon.

Right now the fours are all over the place in my life, or at least it feels that way. It may be the lingering after effects of my ear infection, or it may be the time of year. It is clear that I am not moving forward. Understanding this however has brought me no closer in changing this state. In a way I am feeling like an alchemist unable to change the state of the ingredients I am working with, knowing what to do to invoke a reaction but somehow only partly consciously waiting for some cosmic event to change the rules for the better so I can turn lead to gold. Maybe I need to live up to the card I have chosen for myself, the magician, maybe this conduit between the spiritual and the material is the philosophers stone needed for the transformation… or maybe it’s entertainment value as a performer alone is what can spur movement in tranquil but confining state I’m in.

Or maybe I’m just whining and should wait till I am fully recovered before I can do an accurate assessment of my life again…

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