18 October 2012

Hey kid! Your parents SUCK!

Okay so here’s me, riding my bike to work. Pouring rain already devastating my good mood, which wasn’t “all that” to start with today. On my way to work I pass two  schools. Now I get that children sometimes have to be brought to school, but understand that in the Netherlands you are rarely further than a few kilometers away from an elementary school (basisschool), so bringing a kid to school by car is rarely a necessity, especially considering the bizarre automotive constipation this causes.

So here’s me, wanting to get to work, in the pissing rain… and wind, having to avoid toddlers running across the road, big BMW’s and Mercedes’ standing in the middle of traffic, drivers talking (read yelling) to each other through their car windows while children everywhere do children’s stuff, like yelling, crying and being annoying in the middle of the road. I am actually stuck in traffic… on my F**KING BIKE!!!

Off course when pulling up to head home or to work, the drivers of these cars, most of which are cost more than my yearly income, so they probably have a good heating system, cozy radio channels and indoor bloody sauna… they are most certainly not cold and wet, like I am… will let a poor lonely biker pass before they zoom out of there… right? Wrong! Apparently being at work 10 seconds earlier is far more important than letting someone resembling Leonardo di Caprio floating in ice cold waters next to a sinking Titanic pass on their way to warmth and safety.

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