23 August 2010

chick.com where all gays go to hell and Harry Potter leads you to the beast...

Yes I have been away for a while, a short two week holiday. Not the best holiday ever but still I believe it was better then being chained to the desk again ( figuratively speaking off course ). So here I am again.

I want to bring this to your attention, http://www.chick.com/ a seemingly harmless site selling Christian cartoon tracts. Well lets start off that according to this site I am going straight to hell, and you too! For showing even the faintest enthusiasm about anything supernatural you are damned. But off course I know this because I am either the devil, controlled by the devil or at least in some way in league with him. Yes I am trying to brainwash you to come over to the dark side. How can something like tarot not be evil? Anyway, the site is awesome and with awesome I mean seriously scary.

A few things this site propagandizes are:

- Homosexuality is a sin, a choice and certain damnation.
- Everything even remotely pagan (ranging from Christmas trees to music is a sure ticket to the fiery pits.
- Fantasy related games, movies and books are a way the devil lures you into worshipping him, Harry Potter is one of the worst!
- Evolution, Dinosaurs and all, are a scam.

Well go and check the site for yourself, you have to read it to be properly outraged. I will however leave you with one of the cartoons (check the link), no doubt the site would love to see their word spread, especially into the darkest parts of the internet ( I would love to see his reaction on sites like necrobabes or some of the Japanese Vore pages ) namely this satanic, paganistic, evil altar to the unholy, the heart of the beast…


BTW: Tarot images derive (to a large extend) from the Bible… ;-)

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  1. OMG..... I know that exists but it never fails to surprise me. How they preach fear and hate and nonacceptance. This is truly a sad thing. BTW I LMAO of the cartoon...! Thanks for the Post NL!