30 July 2010

Inspiration, music

Inspiration, an interesting concept and a necessity for tarot. I have learned that inspiration is vital for good tarot readings simply because you need the “spark” to start of a good session, but there’s more. When you do a reading and place the cards on the table, a story unfolds. How that story is told depends on the reader. That reader, going on intuition to a certain extend, is heavily influenced by such things as his surroundings, recently read books, music, movies and much more. Some things influence more then others and this may shift from person to person. I have found that for me anything can be such an influence, but especially music has a strong influence on me.

That influence, to some extend, I believe is what sparks “inspiration” . Having realized that some time ago I have also learned how you can “manipulate” yourself by choosing certain kinds of music. At least off course to some extend. When I have a customer that requires a somewhat more sensitive approach I tend to play calm music, maybe a ballad or something, “Where the wild roses grow” by Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue works like a charm. When I do a reading that requires more mystique I like to play Blue Oyster Cult, “Astronomy” or “Don’t fear the reaper”. Also I’ve learned that some music I love is not suitable as inspiration for reading, either classical music ( Love Russian Composers, Korsakov, Mussorsky etc.) or death metal seem to cause unsettling readings and musical songs and folk-metal, my favorite genres make me “bouncy” for lack of a better word and even though I am very cheery, reading is hard simply because I can’t seem to quiet down enough.

I tend to listen to this music before I do a reading, not during. During a reading I usually have nothing playing, would be pretty useless my constant talking would drown out any other sound….


  1. Hey Sid! It's Honey here. I'm fascinated with tarot reading and stuffs. I'm actually having myself "read" by a tarot web site stuff. hehe..and I'm like thinking can you do a reading for me like what you did to Paula..I'm super curious though. =)
    Thanks Sid!

  2. I'll put you on the list... to be quite honest I don't know when I will have time, but I'll keep you in mind.