08 September 2010

Boiling excrement....


Today is typically one of those days I would love to skip. Work is all but motivating today and this evening I’m eating at my parents place. Normally that wouldn’t be any problem at all, but my lovely wife as a concussion and isn’t feeling very well. Not serious enough to have to stay at home, but annoying enough for me to want to be there to support her. Right now the dinner date at mums feels like an obligation. And if there’s one thing I have difficulty coping with it’s obligations. Getting this “having to work” thing accepted by my psyche was hard enough.

The middle of the week is a rotten day anyway, weekend too long back to have it busy your mind and the next weekend too far away to get excited about. I actually hate Wednesdays more then I do Mondays. The weather is awful. Don’t get me wrong at times a good shower can be quite enjoyable, but not when you still have a “rest of the day” to wrestle through. The whole world looks gray and everybody this morning at work seems to be just a tad less cheerful then usual, usual being about as cheerful as a Monday morning funeral.

Yes today I would prefer a root canal treatment without anesthetics bound over a boiling pit of excrement while being used as a target for extra large serrated darts over having to be at work… okay not really but I really wanted to fit in a nasty visual here.

Simply put I do not like the cards I got dealt today, I wish I could simply reshuffle and start again. Hell maybe even cheat a bit and put the “sun” and “10 of cups” on top. ( look it up )


Things to look forward to:

- Jasmine, my wife will be writing a blog here as a guest writer soon ( Oh my gosh : http://gosh-makeup.blogspot.com/ )
- Ixani new age shop ( www.ixani.nl ) and NLTarot will be organizing a give away with prizes and free readings
- HALO Reach will be out in 6 days, may not mean anything to you, but my gamer heartbeat is increasing by the day…. Hey sue me, I can’t be all mystical and wise all the time… ;-)

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  1. *smooch* im sorry youre having an zwfull day hun, hope it will get better...

    a guestblog..pffft..still dont know what to write about..