22 September 2010

The Future looks so bright….

The Future looks so bright….

I have a rule when reading for customers, I make no promises about the future. I always explain that even though some people use tarot purely for divining the future, I use it to gain insight on the present… which of course helps you prepare and plan for the future. Basically I help people take the future in their own hands. Of course this means I give advice on the future. Once in a while things come up however that are peculiar and the cards do tend to get a bit clairvoyant. Since this is something that cannot be forced during a reading I never make promises. Clients however do seem to expect me to tell me their fortune, some I believe would even have me lie about it just to make the reading sound good.

So this is a typical reading with such a customer… yes taken from real life.

After a short introduction about me and how I view Tarot, including the fact that I don’t do fortune telling…

Me: Did you have a specific question or subject you want to talk bout?
She: Yes, will I meet the love of my life this year?
Me: I believe I explained to you that I don’t tell fortunes, I can however see what steps you can take to make sure you are open to the opportunity and are emotionally ready for a commitment?
She: Yeah okay, but will this happen this year?
Me: That depends on you…
She: Okay, I get it let’s see…

At this point I lay out the cards explain them, their placing and their meaning and what the influence the cards have on each other. We have a good conversation and discover she has unresolved issues from previous relations as well as a problem with her mother and what type of man she thinks is suitable for her daughter. We were rounding things up after 45 minutes and as usual I ask:

Me: Is there anything I need to clarify? Do you have any questions or remarks?
She: Yes, which card says when I will meet the love of my life?
Me: (considering a facepalm) none, If anything is a deciding factor it would be you.
She: So which card is me then?
Me: (pointing out a card which could symbolize the lady) this one could be.
She: So when does the card say?
Me: It doesn’t say
She: You’re really not that good at this aren’t you?
Me: If you expect me to tell you the future no, but few really are.
She: I think it will be this year, none of the cards rate higher then twelve, so it has to be within a year.
Me: (not telling her that the cards don’t exceed ten, well the minors at least) yeah that could be it!
She: Okay thank you that’s what the other fortune teller said as well…