02 September 2010

Your God and my Goddess should meet….

Okay I may not be a full blown wiccan but as far as deities go, when forced to put an image to the driving force of the universe I see a woman. Voluptuous, sensual, dangerous, nurturing… mother, maiden and crone. Usually I have a fairly abstract image of he energies that rule the universe, but at times, especially when I’m in need of spiritual grounding or when I am feeling particularly bad, I picture this black haired lady watching over me. Looking at me with both care and desire, giving and taking at once. Gaia, mother nature, Morrigan and many other ancient concepts of female deities inspire me, and even though it at times feels a bit naïve it fits wonderfully in the way I need to live my life.

I do not litter, I defend my territory and take care of my “pack”, I never kill a creature… not even a bug or spider (of which I am really not that fond) if it can be avoided, achieving a certain amount of irritation of people around me, I escort every spider, earwig or moth outside… Now I may not want to kill them but that doesn’t mean I want to share my habitat. Few may really understand this but it feels good to please my goddess, to take care of her, but also to not damage or trespass on her terrain. I believe it makes me a better man to have such a relationship with the world around me.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am no vegan or vegetarian or militant environmental activist (or however you write that) . I claim my place in this world I eat meat and I have a territory. I am on the higher steps of the foodchain and I love it there. I do however always try to find an equilibrium. I stay practical in my decisions, but I take effort to keep my goddess and her creation in mind when doing so.

In a way I find the concept of a goddess easily tied to our world, to nature. To some extend I view a male deity as one with a responsibility regarding morality, while the female takes care of the living world. Though I must admit I find the Judaic concept of God somewhat lacking, seemingly ruling according to his own rulebook, blindly following his own dogma’s unable to change, to grow I do recognize a certain need for a male force as well. As far as male deities go however I like to see “him” more like the Norse Odin, inspiring rather then ruling. It is interesting that even though I worship a goddess I still have room for a male energy as well, while the traditional male God shoves all women aside. An exception being found in the worship of Mary mother of God.

Still, female and male should be in balance I believe, opposing, complementing, the sun and the moon.. creation and destruction, two sides of the same coin. I also believe that as a male I have stronger need for a goddess to balance out my own male energy and need. Perhaps women should equally be balanced out by a male deity. One thing however is clear to me, the Image of a beautiful woman ruling the universe Is far more exciting then that of an old geezer with a white beard .


  1. There are no truer words my friend, nor wiser.

  2. You just expressed exactly the way I see it and feel it but just couldn't find the words for.
    It is simply beautyful. Thank you Sid.