23 March 2011

Mist outside…mist inside.

Yesterday I told you about the crappy mood I was in well today I am at least somewhat more cheerful, though I think I’ve got a cold or flu heading my way. Often days leading up to getting sick, I feel like my head is stuffed with cotton balls. Not really a physical sensation but rather an emotional state, like the input form the world around me is dulled, filtered or softened while at the same time my head feels like it’s too full. Yeah I know I AM "full" of it some time.

I hope I am wrong because I’ve got a lot of extra work heading my way with which I am going to have my wits about me. But when I look outside and see a fog covering everything it’s like that fog is also covering my mind. And not in an exciting way like in “the Fog” or “the Mist”.

Starting today I will add a Tarot card to my blog as often as I have the time to do so and well… feel like it.

Today I present to you one of my personal favorite cards The Magician (Rider Waite).

The Magician is card number one and is one of the most recognizable symbols of tarot. The Mage may even be considered to symbolize the whole tarot, he at least represents the aces of the suits, which are usually depicted near the mage. He is a jack of all trades but master of none, he is the mediator between heaven (the spiritual world) and earth (the material world). The magician is a performer pur sang and loves to be the center of attention and though he can be a good counselor due to his broad knowledge and insights his ego can make him be an illusionist or even a deceiver because his need to give his advice can be greater than his skill to do so. As an illusionist, jester or deceiver the magicians skill is something to be reckoned with, but this does not in any sense mean everything he does is fake.

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