30 March 2011

Asleep or working… I need to get shit done. The Sun

Asleep or working… I need to get shit done.

Lately it seems like I am either asleep or at work. I can’t shake the feeling of being lived. I have a total lack of energy and to a large extend I can’t find the willpower to do the things that need doing. For instance because of our purchase of a sony photo camera we can make a photo album for free, this is a two to three hour job which has been sitting there waiting for more than two months. I still have to scan in the tattoo designs I made two months ago for my ex-brother-in-law. But my inaction also reflects on my health, I am gaining weight and my blood glucose can not be benefitting from this. And so I find myself in this downward spiral which I find very hard to break. Especially now with the daylight saving shit stealing an hour of weekend from me.

I am hoping the lengthening of days and the rise in temperature will slow the decline so I can once again gain some control and be able to get shit done.

I want to congratulate Ixani beauty, wellness and new age shop, with her one year anniversary.

So todays’ card

The Sun

The sun is a card which is usually considered to be a good sign. It represents hope, joy and vitality. Summer, light and warmth indicate a better period in life or a brighter state of consciousness. There is always the warning that the sun can also scorch or cause drought, blister the skin and ruin crops. Too much of a good thing can be even worse than the lack of it.

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