01 March 2011

One of those days… (knight of swords?)

One of those days… (knight of swords?)

Have you ever had one of those days where you really want to snap at everyone? Felt like picking a fight over the first thing someone says to you and feeling absolutely wonderful about it? I am not stressed, moody or depressed, I just really have the urge to pick a fight. So with that little sense of self preservation left to me, I try to avoid human contact where possible and bite my tongue the rest of the day. This would be a great day to have a tarot customer though, I’d mess ‘em up completely, predicting all kinds of horrible stuff.

-Yeah, your dog will die, I don’t see any career progress in the future either.
-In a relationship right now, well… don’t get used to it!
-Health? Yeah well now might be the time to recheck your insurance…

But that’s all guesswork off course.

Next week I’ll be doing another Tarot workshop, I’m planning on this being the best one yet with a great focus on doing readings amongst eachoter and a lot less on the dry and longwinded presentation regarding the history and mental coaching implementations of tarot.

BTW Peeps, don’t forget to join my forum… besides the fact that I really need the attention I am also kinda hoping for it to be fun… and it’s no fun when I’m on my own there…. http://nltarot.forum2go.nl/

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