26 August 2011

Religious role play or War Forum…. Would you join?

Okay, it is no secret I am in many ways interested in religion. The way it influences the world, how it has written major parts of human history but also it’s effect on the human psyche. Also I am a spiritual person myself and always try to find out how my specific believes measure up to those of others.

For a long time I have had the idea to create something of a forum for religious discussion, bound to some rules to keep things civilized but also to prevent it from leaning too much to a specific faith. Ideally every faith would be approximately equally represented and everyone would benefit from insights from those other perspectives. We would learn many religions have a strong common base and world peace would follow…. or something.

Having hosted four forums with a member count of 40 being the largest crowd on the best running forum and a total of 3 posts besides my own on my worst running forum, I have little hope for my plans coming to fruition. Yes you ruined world peace by not supporting me!

So I wonder, would you join a forum based on religious discussion based on these statements/ rules:

-          No affiliation with one specific religion
-          Moderation to achieve an equal (or close to) amount of topics favoring one religion
-          Free speech but strict moderation on communication (bashing, flaming, trolling)
-          An emphasis on learning
-          Subjects could be, but are not limited to: holy texts (bible, Koran, Torah etc.), spiritual practices (ceremonies, prayer, meditation, spellwork), misinterpretation or misrepresentation of religious practices in media.

Let me know and who knows, maybe we could give it a try.


  1. This is Codaniel, and I am so incredibly up for that. The idea is so simple, and yet seems like exactly what this world has needed for FAR too long. Let misunderstanding and judgment fall to the wayside, it's time we learned to love and understand one another. Count me in!

  2. Awesome... that's one, now for the rest.