31 August 2011

Halloween at Auryn, telling your fortune and doing your make-up

9th of October, your friendly neighborhood tarot reader will be attending the Auryn/ Enchantra Halloween party. The Auryn showroom is the place to be when it comes down to acquiring all of your makeup and cosmetic needs and every once in a while they organize an event where you can shop, chat and be made over while usually being fed and entertained.

It is at one such event I will be doing readings in October. There will also be other cool makeup related stuff going on, like a live onsite dare, most of which will be especially interesting for those of you with the double X-chromosome and less so for the "masculinely handicaped". So if you have the chance and want to restock on makeup and get a tarot reading by moi, make it a daytrip and go to Zeeland to the Auryn Halloween party. If you buy for over a hundred euro’s I’ll even make your future 15% better (yes that is a joke). 

For more information, check the facebook event

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