28 September 2012

Instagram, the way to world peace

Yes I am THAT interesting, peace!

Yesterday I a news item that stated that instagram has become bigger than twitter. I am not surprised, what better way to give in to humanity’s inherent exhibitionism than photographing every aspect of your life and share it with the world? When I see pics on instagram, that’s including my own, I see food, self-portraits and cats more than anything else. So, we love to eat, we love ourselves and we love our pets. I believe that viewing those favorites we might actually be on our way to achieving a better world, especially considering our need to share.

Okay that may have sounded a bit sarcastic but seriously, I am all for instagram and similar social applications. We share our thoughts, our views on life and in a way are becoming increasingly creative in doing so. How easy is it to grow understanding when you see what a Muslim eats, how a Christian likes to see himself or how a Buddhist enjoys the creatures around him.

I say implant the whole world with instant instagram chips, world peace in no time…… that or total chaos.

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