26 September 2012

Tarot of Death, Free online reading

Once again I am using this channel for shameless promotion. I want my designs out there people! And I want to make shitloads of money in the process, but I am willing to work for it.

So here’s two things you might consider.

  1. Uniquely designed t-shirt. Through the service of spreadshirt I can make any design I do into t-shirts, I-phone cases, baseball caps, thongs, you name it. Of course anyone can do so on spreadshirt, but only I can do it with designs I make… according to your wishes. So if you want that one and only (design will not be used again) item, let me know and we will work something out.
  2. Up till the end of the year I will do a free online tarot reading with purchase of any of my “Tarot of Death” items.

Free online Tarot reading with purchase of any “Tarot of Death” item.

Mail me the payment confirmation together with the specific question you want me to answer with tarot and preferred tarot deck you want me to use* and you will receive your reading back by mail. This will be a high quality picture (with a print out of your mail so you can see it all uniquely yours) of the cards with expansive explanation.

This promotion runs until the end of December 2012
*Rider Waite, Crowley Toth, ShadowScapes, Giger, Alchemy, Liber T, Goddes, Dark Angels, Da Vinci, Dali (more options available at request)

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