17 December 2012

Yes, I did a post on guns...

“Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”

One of those idiotic arguments that keeps guns readily available for all kinds of would-be Rambo’s and other nutjobs. Well you know what, gun’s kill people… you can’t shoot someone dead with a carrot, now can you? The gun’s sole purpose is to take live as efficient as possible in as many scenario’s as possible. People have put years of thought in how to do this and even added skill to make bullets as destructive as possible, we don’t just want to scare, or maim, we want to destroy other people.

How I picture any American against gun control
I really hope all the gun toting lunatics understand that taking away weapons makes killing people a much bigger challenge, seeing how many lives were lost to prove this point. Or do we need more killing spree’s to get through to the thick bony wall that apparently leaves so little room for brains?

Now I am no saint, war is a piece of us as we are a territorial and aggressive species. Also we need to have a way to control the masses. Sounds nasty doesn’t it, protecting your loved ones sounds way nobler. But people getting killed in gun related accidents are not unique. Little Timmy playing with daddies gun, or even taking it outside. And there’s the angry or depressed teen, who should listen to angry music and mope in his room, now he has access to a gun, so instead of writing how he hates everybody and wishes they would die in his diary or on facebook, he can actually put his money where is mouth is and shoot bullies and nasty teachers alike.

Now remember, kill the badguys, not dady!
Do the math, you’re not protecting your loved ones, you’re endangering them. Also, when guns are not that easily accessible, your average mugger or drugdealer won’t have that easy access to it either. In some countries even the regular police don’t carry guns and guess what, fewer innocent and even fewer guilty people get killed.

Because you know what… a burglar or a drug dealer or even a mugger doesn’t have to be killed you know. Yes they broke the law and should be punished and severely as far as I’m concerned, but shooting them I feel is somewhat excessive, but that is a reality when every policeman carries a gun. Now I am not opposed to police men being armed, but there is something to be said for the concept.

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