31 December 2012

Happy new year (gratuitous nudity)

Okay peeps, here it is, my new year’s speech…

I like you, so there you go… now you can rest assured that not all of the world hates you.

This year was another rollercoaster ride not just for me personally but for a lot of people and I fear the worst may be yet to come. On the other hand, though you don’t have control over everything, you can at least give it a positive spin when you meet live's challenges with humor and compassion, enjoy the challenges you do conquer and celebrate your personal growth, spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

I am not making any new years’ resolutions, but I will look at what 2012 has taught me. I’m gonna take 2013 as it comes, and I am lucky to do that with people like you around me. Old friends, new friends, friends who got less then they deserved, friends I could and should have appreciated more and friends who barely noticed I was there at all. Don’t forget just because I am not talking to you daily, didn’t congratulate you on your birthday or even if I gave you crap, it doesn’t mean I don’t care for you.

With all that has been happening this year I am going to focus on peaceful living, learning from those around me and teach them what I have learned and I’m going to take serious care of my health… I plan to stay around for a while and try to make your lives more interesting or annoy the crap out of you.

Whatever 2012 has brought you, at least we can say we survived two predicted apocalypses (apocalypti?)… so here’s to us… UP FOR ANOTHER ROUND!

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