17 December 2012

I saw the Hobbit

Okay saw the Hobbit.

I liked it, a lot… but damn they did take a lot of liberties, made some major plotholes and changed, characters a lot. I won’t go into detail because of spoilers, but in the three hour movie I saw, I think half, at most, came directly from the book. A lot was true to middle earth lore but was not in the hobbit book, and some bits were new but true to lore. Some bits however were uncharacteristic. Radagast was too weird, Bilbo was too heroic (especially during the fight at the end) for that part of the story… and the dwarve’s motivation was considerably more noble than the book implied, in the book treasure seems the main motivation. The most frustrating character change in comparison with the book however was Saruman… who is not even actually IN the book, but was at the time of events in the Hobbit still a pure and good wizard and friendly towards Gandalf, not the grumpy boss distrusting his fellow wizards and already playing into Saurons cards. 

Other than that, I thought the movie was ff-ing brilliant and I loved the cast, which was obviously sponsored by the BBC (Sherlock, DrWho, Red Dwarf, being Human). The entire cast was either known Shakespearean actor and/or in Spartacus, Xena or Hercules, so well equipped for drama, bloodshed and monsters. The dwarves were hilarious and I loved the return of so many Lord of the Rings actors, whether they were appropriate to the story or not.

Now I want to re-watch it in 3D.

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