28 December 2012

2012 analysis (The yearly this year sucked rant)

I am not one for rants…. Well actually I am... fuck it, there went my introduction. Here’s how I feel about 2012 in bright Technicolor and dolby stereo where available.

No… 2012 wasn’t going to make the favorite-years-in-history list by a long shot, but no one counted on this finale. Cause wow, 2012, you went out of your way to fuck me over, you really took effort to make us feel like shit. I feel like there’s a big ‘FINISH HIM’ above my head in big bloody red letters.

badly edited because I felt like bad editing.
Now I know there are people out there with way bigger problems and that I should not complain. And it may very well be the unfulfilled promises 2012 kept making this year that really made me feel like being dragged across a gravel field. But emotionally, financially and medically 2012 has been like a string of turds cats sometimes have when they do their business while having eaten a piece of string or even one of your hairs (weird little fuckers). There’s the turds, hard nasty chunky bits, then there is nothing for a while and you think it’s over, then you get hit by soggy half digested food and hair and it drags out across the floor and even after you have cleaned the floor with bleach or whatever, you can still smell it, making it obvious you still have shit to deal with.

Well 2012 you can just F**K THE HELL OFF, I don’t like you, the only thing going for you is that you haven’t killed us all on the 21st, but at the moment I am not completely convinced that it is a plus. I hope your younger sister 2013 will treat us better, but my hopes aren’t high.

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