28 February 2011

Hey guys… guess what…

I have started a forum. I am a huge fan of forums uh fori, no wait fora. At least as long as they have a few frequent visitors. This forum of mine is loosely related to this blog and there is a sub forum especially for discussing posts because the comment section here barely makes it possible to actually discuss at all.

I have decided to make it as free of moderation as possible, though I will intervene in flamewars and the like, I will not do so after the first possible post. Due to this “mission statement” I will have an age restriction, though I want to see what happens for a while before I install it.

There’s ranks, there will be giveaways and contests and all kinds of fun.

This is the URL: http://nltarot.forum2go.nl/

Now go and post…. Come on, you can do it….

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