02 February 2011

Sick and planning... so four of swords....

Yay, a new blog…hooray for me!

So I’ve been quite sick, in case you hadn’t seen my sad facebook posts, I even cut down on my gaming a few nights, somehow watching a screen while your whole face is filled with mucus has it’s challenges, like not being able to follow anything on screen with puffy eyes. Also running to the toilet while in a multiplayer game is less than fair, though I think sometimes the team might be better off with me just standing in a corner. Which doesn’t mean I haven’t done any gaming by the way, just less.

Another thing I’ve done is thinking…. Thinking is a challenge for me to begin with, but this time it was kinda serious as well. I am going to pursue some new things. One thing will be tattooing. I am planning to invest in equipment, getting information and getting some papers that I will need. I don’t know exactly where it will lead, nothing solid there, but I do know for sure that I am going to take the first steps. Art and especially small designs and doodles have been my “thing” for quite a while and I have designed hundreds of tattoos through the years, I now feel it is time to take that next step and see how that plays out. So keep your fingers crossed for me there and who knows if things work out I may give you peeps a discount!

And no, this does not mean I am dropping my tarot activities… I am actually planning to shift the gear up in that department as well, together with Ixani we are already picking dates for workshops, courses and even a course in designing your own Tarot deck, when there’s enough response off course.

So there’s that, a short update… yes I am alive and yes I plan to do more posts soon… I’ll keep you posted.

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