26 October 2010

So there was this poem…

So there was this poem…

So there was this poem I’ve written some time ago. It’s designed as a short description on every card in the major Arcana. For some strange reason I had not posted it here yet, so here it is. Feel free to use it and even spread it, just give me the credit for writing it and if at all possible link to the blog. I’m actually considering to make it into a song sometime. Oh and [SPAM] don’t forget the giveaway… http://nltarot.blogspot.com/2010/10/free-crowley-tarot-storage-box-and.html [/SPAM]


0 The Fool
A path unknown started today
A new road ahead and behind
No clear path from which to stray
Still so much to discover, so much to find.
1 The Magician
The tools of the trade lie at his hand
A messenger of the spiritual, divine
The energies, no beginning, no end
My answers are yours as your questions are mine
2 The High Priestess
The Priestess of the goddess, the moon
She blesses her followers with knowledge lost
Mysteries and magic to be unveiled soon
Her affection may still have it’s cost
3 The Empress
The mother, the womb that spawns
Love, caring and nurturing, her way
The eggshell is broken, a new day dawns
Beware what she gives, she might take away
4 The Emperor
A leader to follow, charisma his sword
Inspiring loyalty deep within men
The charming tyrant now sits and looks bored
Untill his aggression is needed again
5 The Hierophant
A ruler, a king, knowledge is might
Conservative perhaps, but wise none the less
He sticks by the books to ward of the night
The lord, our king-father to who we confess
6 Lovers
Two souls, two hearts opposites attracted
The best of two worlds in harmony combined
A new path in life, to the heart connected
An established bond of heart, soul and mind.
7 Chariot
It takes effort to steer the chariot
To impose your will on divine steeds
To stay on a path, and to stray not
To see what’s to get, not what you’ve got
And claim the victory, the triumph it needs
8 Strength
The strength to dominate, impose your will
And see mind triumph over power
Feel the strength, growing still
And see the lion crawl away and cower
9 The Hermit
The hermit shines a lantern, a beacon of light
Though he chose solitude he is willing to aid
Meditation and deep thought, will end the night
And learn that of the dark, you need not be afraid
10 The Wheel of fortune
Fate twists and shifts as the wheel spins round
Fortune or misery will be on it’s way
To this endless cycle we all are bound
Left to it’s whim till our dying day
11 Justice
Lady justice is blind, while striving for balance
In vengeance or retribution even the odds
Securing the base, preparing for the next challenge
And await the outcome of destiny, the whims of the gods
12 the Hanged man
A duel of balance, to hang, at the mercy of fate
Like Odin father once hanged the same
In stasis, contemplating, a meditative state
Learning, preparing for the next round of the game
13 Death
The reaper stands, imposing his will on all
To clear the way for a new open road
Princes and paupers, they all shall fall
What once was our lives, sails on Charon’s boat
14 Temperance
Stay your hand, let time pass
Now is the time for reflection
Balance out what comes and what was
Step away from the on-moving mass
Find peace before you change direction
15 The Devil
Feral instinct, bestial lust
Defile your soul and act to his will
Misplace your love, misplace your trust
And swallow down the bitter pill
16 The Tower
The heavens strike at Babel’s tower
Breaking down arrogance for which it stands
Humbling the wielders of corrupt power
And casting them down to their ends
17 The Star
A small light in the darkest of skies
Tells of hope and relief
An end to suffering as darkness dies
Allows us the hope to believe
18 The moon
The crescent moon invites the wolf’s howl
A cry that is heard with the soul
Beware of the madness that’s brilliance gone foul
A third eye may blur the sight on our goal
19 The Sun
The brightest light
Shines with power and glory
Like a fairytale knight
Is the happy end to any story
20 Judgement
Resurrected from the earth
We shed of the sins of the past
We celebrate in our rebirth
Though once we were from Eden cast
21 The World
Perfection found
The universe in harmony
Our souls unbound
All safe and sound
Relieved of fates tyranny

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  1. So I had to come op with that strange line thingy between every verse because being the HTML wizz I am I couldn't get a regular empty line between them....